For years we've watched numerous Ferrari vehicles self immolate. For whatever reason it seems that no one really had an idea as to why these glorious Italian exotics would suddenly go up in smoke.

Mind you this problem isn't limited to just F cars. We've seen it happen with other exotica, front and mid-engined.

After an issue with the all-new California T that required a recall related to a low pressure fuel line, it seems that a similar issue has been found on the all-new Ferrari 488 GTB. This has led to a stop sale order being issued across the Ferrari dealer network.

So, if you were expecting to pick up your all-new prancing horse this weekend, we're pretty sure your dealer has contacted you by now.

The good news is that just over 300 units of the California T were affected and according to the press release below no 488's with this issue have made it into the public's hands.

Ferrari's press release follows:

Ferrari S.p.A. informed Ferrari North America, Inc. (FNA) of the possible defect on the low pressure fuel line connection of the fuel pump provided by Ferrari's supplier Dytech – Dynamic Fluid Technologies S.p.A. on 11/17/15. Ferrari S.p.A. has informed FNA that during a routine pressure check for Assembly Line Testing on 11/04/15, they found a small air leak on the above described pipe connection. On 11/05/15 Ferrari S.p.A. extended their testing to evaluate vehicles that had been produced with the same batch of low pressure fuel lines. On 11/17/15 Ferrari S.p.A. concluded the investigatory testing and determined that the fuel vapor leak was a safety defect.

With regard to the Ferrari 488 vehicles, on or about December 10, 2016 Ferrari determined that affected vehicles had left our control bound for various Ferrari dealers. We have notified our dealer network with a "Stop Sale" Notice informing them that this recall must be performed before the affected vehicles are sold to customers. It is important to note that no un-remedied Ferrari 488 vehicles have been sold to the public.

STOP Sale Issued On Ferrari's All-New 488 GTB — Fire Risk An Issue

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