In the super competitive entry-level sedan category, the heat is on if you're looking to move units in volume. While pseudo niche player, Subaru, isn't near the volume of autobuilders like the Honda, Nissan and Toyota, the company has grown its business over the years and has locked in a loyal base among those living in snow-ridden climates. 

One of the vehicles it offers is the well-known Impreza, which spawned the likes of performance greats like the WRX and WRX STI.

While the current-gen has been on the road for a few years, it's time to step up its game as cars like the all-new Honda Civic and Hyundai Elantra are making waves. Hell, if I had a nickle for every time I saw an all-new Toyota Corolla with temporary tags straight from the dealership.

Though the company has shown an Impreza Concept, we're not sure how that will translate into reality. We're crossing our fingers that the Japanese company doesn't water down the production variant too much.

Spotted for the first time undergoing developmental testing was the all-new Impreza hatchback. Though its clearly sporting some heavy camouflage, we're looking forward to seeing it come off. From what little we can tell, its proportions will be similar to the latest Ford Focus — which it was benchmarking in these shots — and the Impreza will have a hexagonal front grille as well as squinty headlights.

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SPIED: Next-Gen Subaru Impreza SPOTTED For The FIRST Time Under Development — What's It NEED To SUCCEED?

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