When it comes to supercars, it's really, really hard to be able to top Ferrari. For what feels like eons, the company has become the king of the castle when it comes to bringing out the latest supercar technology, emotion and, of course, performance.

So when we saw the updated California become the California T thanks to a turbocharger, we knew natural aspiration for the 458 Italia replacement was a goner. This gives rise to the new 488 GTB, which benefits from a turbo and has a remarkable 660 horsepower.

Remember, this is an entry-level F car and the Enzo had 660 horsepower.

Now if you've been searching for a no nonsense review, this is it. Harry Metcalfe is my favorite reviewer that I can think of at the moment. He doesn't BS, he has excellent anecdotes and he is incredibly passionate about autos. In addition, he finds out and elevates the geeky things no one else cares to mention.

That said, I'd argue this is likely to be the best review of the 488 I've seen yet. Scope it out, below!

Drive in the new Ferrari 488GTB on some of the best roads around the Ferrari factory in Maranello

DRIVEN + VIDEO: Harry Metcalfe Takes Us To Maranello For A Thorough Look At The NEW Ferrari 488 GTB

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