Yesterday I had the joy of synching up with Agent 001 in his neck of the woods outside of San Diego, California. It's always fun to see your buddy, again.

As usual when we get together we started coming up with story ideas just by driving around and observing everything around us. I'll tell you, I've got a bunch of all-new ideas thanks to hanging with the head honcho.

As we were passing through Solana Beach, 001 turned to me and asked an interesting question: Will the X5M and X6M be MORE desired down the road over other M cars?

While I must admit I chastised the M sport-utility vehicles previously — before I drove them — I have learned to love these monsters. They're so incredibly capable, spacious and, in my opinion, better than the current-gen M5 sedan.
And if there's one thing that doesn't appear to be slowing down or changing, it's consumers affection for SUVs.

So, having said all of that, what do YOU think?

Will the SUV Ms be MORE collectible down the road, or will the passenger M cars reign supreme?

BMWphiles: Will The X5M And X6M Be MORE Collectible Down The Road OVER Passenger M Cars?

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