Watching McLaren grow up has been pretty cool. Although I understand not everyone shares my sentiment, I do have to say there is something special about this marque. Perhaps it's because I have romanticized the F1 but I don't think so.

If you drive an all-new McLaren against the likes of an all-new Ferrari and all-new Lamborghini, I think you'll see why the British car is more interesting.

Although McLaren has launched the all-new 570S, it is also in the process of distributing its latest 675LT variant — the 675LT Spider. With two cars fresh off what we can only assume was a delivery truck, it's clear that these two first cars are in the U.K. at some sort of facility. Note the warehouse in the background has the Pagani logo over it. Something tells me this isn't Woking near the factory but probably outside of London.

Just a guess.

Check out the beastly McLarens, below!

We were lucky enough to come across not one but TWO of the brand new 675 LT Spider. Both finished in this striking yellow colour and both sounding incredible. The Spider is different to coupe in the fact that is has a folding roof which makes the already crazy 675 LT even more exciting!

SPIED On The STREET! VIDEO: They're HERE! FIRST Clip Of All-New McLaren 675LT Spiders Arriving

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