One of the best sports cars on the market was the Porsche Boxster. It came with a six-cylinder motor, sounded like all hell breaking loose with a howling engine and, boy, it out handled everything on the road.

There's nothing quite like a mid-engined Porsche, boys and girls.

But, something's changed. No longer is the Boxster powered by a six-cylinder. In its revamped iteration, now dubbed the 718 Boxster, it is equipped with a four-cylinder Boxer mill.

Now it has more power and gets better efficiency over the Boxster it replaces. Overall, the reviewer piloting the vehicle says it is a better auto. BUT, there's one strike against it.

It doesn't have that great sound.

Does it matter? What say you?

Cassius Clay, The Rock, Arnie. They all successfully re-invented themselves after cult status, and now Porsche is trying to do the same with the 718 'Boxster'. Question is though, now the straight six is defunct, does the new four-pot have what it takes?

DRIVEN + VIDEO: So, The New Porsche 718 Boxster Is Better, Overall, Over The Car It Replaces EXCEPT In One Area — Does It Matter?

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