For years now it was a sign that you "made it" when you picked up your first Mercedes-Benz S-Class. These days, however, that seems like child's play.

Today's leading executives are more into building massive estates, snapping up airplanes — G5, anyone — and converting massive sport-utility vehicles and Sprinter vans into "rolling lear jets." We can add another celebrity and executive to that list.

That would be Dr. Dre.

Now Dr. Dre was doing quite well before his and Jimmy Iovine's Beats empire took off. But, after the Apple acquisition happened he became, according to some estimates, $500 million wealthier.

When you've got that kind of bread, you probably need to maximize your schedule and get things done from the back seat. That's why it makes sense that Dre recently took delivery of a helluva Cadillac Escalade ESV tricked-out by Becker Automotive Design. If you've ever read Dupont Registry, this company has been doing this for quite some time. Simply put, there's nothing else quite like it aside from maybe a first-gen Mercedes-Maybach 62. And even that can't shake a stick at this vehicle.

We've added some file photos of other interior builds the company put together using Cadillac Escalade ESVs. From what we can tell this is likely a $400,000-500,000 build. Remember, you have the initial cost of the vehicle then the cost of the conversion, which in this case is about $190,000 — that's the starting price without options.

Let us know what you think of Dre's all-new beast!

Dr. Dre recently picked up a totally badass all black stretched wheelbase 2016 Cadillac Escalade ESV, which is essentially a super luxurious version of the Escalade for him to be chauffeured around in. He even took it a step further and threw on some after market wheels and a custom Strut grille. With a net worth upwards of $700 million, picking up a $200K Cadillac and paying someone to drive you around is no problem at all!

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Dr. Dre Takes Delivery Of A Cadillac Escalade That Likely Is As LUXURIOUS As A Lear Jet

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