Though it seems everyone on the internet knows everything, the reality is that everyone makes stupid mistakes. Really stupid mistakes.

If you're a tinkerer or if you are like me and hopping in and out of all-new cars on a frequent basis, you're bound to have a mishap. It's just a degree of how bad and in the words of a good colleague I use to work with, "It's not how bad you mess up, it's how quickly you fix it."

After seeing this clip of a YouTube car nut, Marchettino, having a rather bad mishap with a Ferrari 458 Speciale, it reminded me of an awful mistake I made last year.

I had a press fleet Chevrolet Corvette lent to me and I have to say it was an utter blast. While I never thought I'd be a fan of the Corvette, the C7 generation has my attention. After putting the targa top to use multiple times — taking off the roof and reapplying it — I decided to spend my Saturday night with my sister and her husband. I arrived to her home and put the top on. I noticed she was in the window, got my stuff and headed inside. The night was great. A few hours went by and it's time for me to head home. Hop into the 'Vette and all's swell. That is until I get around the block onto the main road and hit about 45 mph. There's a sudden WHOOSH and I look up to notice the removable hard top is gone. Then, I hear a distinct scraping noise. The top had hit the roadway shiny side down. After a handful of expletives and quickly pulling over I had the freshly scraped top in my hands. I forgot to lock the several clasps and I officially joined the Corvette "Flying Roof Club."

So, I can feel for our YouTuber in this instance. He didn't latch the hood and voila. After hitting speed the hood flips up, smacks the windshield and now a 458 Speciale needs both a new hood and windshield. I have to feel for the guy.

That said, let's hear it, Spies! What's the STUPIDEST thing you've done behind the wheel that made you sick to your stomach?

My camera was still running the moment I broke my mistake my friend R3 Wheels' Ferrari 458 Speciale. A erroneous closing of front bonnet has caused its sudden opening as I took off with the result of smashing the windshield.

What's The STUPIDEST Thing You've Done Behind The Wheel That Made You Feel AWFUL?

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