While I know that many conspiracy theorists like to believe that the Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur are hanging out in the Caribbean sipping on some pina coladas, I think the rest of the world that has its feet planted on the ground realizes these two rap icons have long been deceased. 


Either that or they're playing one helluva trick. That's because their personal belongings pop up for sale now and again. 


The latest item to come up on the market is Tupac Shakur's Hummer H1. You know, the Hummer that started it all before the brand flamed out gloriously with the H2 and H3. 


Apparently, Tupac purchased this H1 in August approximately one month before he was murdered in a shooting in Las Vegas. It was his last vehicle purchase and is said to be his personal ride during that brief period of time. 


It has a bit over 10,000 miles on the odometer and is equipped with off-road lights, a spotlight, grille guards, an external public announcement system, three sirens and a 12-disc CD changer. It doesn't get anymore 90s than that. 


According to what we're seeing the vehicle is sitting in storage in Vancouver and the auction house listing the Hummer is estimating its value at over $100,000.

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Tupac Shakur's Hummer H1 Hits The Market — Would YOU Place A Bid For The Iconic Rapper's Ride?

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