As automotive enthusiasts, I tend to think that our audience is harder to appeal to. That's because you demand more from an automobile. Not only is it a source of transportation but it is also a source of happiness.

That said, we still need them to take care of the rough and tumble daily commute.

For me, I think of tackling the problem in terms of a fleet. You have ONE car to take care of the luxury function, you have another car to take care of giving you a smile and you have another car that's meant for track duty. Others believe in blurring the lines so that they can mix luxury with a sporty feel.

Take, for example, my dear friend who is a BMW M3 fiend. He has one for himself and one for his wife. He texted me today with a simple message:

"Ya know, I could daily drive an E36 M3 for the rest of my life. It's the perfect car"

While I appreciate my comrade's enthusiasm for his blue and white M, I think I'd want something of the automatic and luxury persuasion to take care of my DD duty.

So, I have to ask: WHAT is it about a vehicle that makes it a GREAT daily driver for YOU?

What Is It About A Vehicle That Makes A GREAT Daily Driver For YOU?

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