Arguably one of today's most loved and most hated pop culture figures is rapper turned designer turned Kardashian, Kanye West. When he's not putting together rags and trying to hawk them for an astounding $2,500 rate or put together his next album, he's busy interrupting any live event.

He's not what one would describe as "charming."

And though he recently declared that he was broke, it doesn't seem to stop him for having his fancy rides. We've seen him have an accident with his Lamborghini Aventador; however, this new one takes the cake.

That's because her Mercedes-Maybach S600 won't turn over on the first start. In fact, whatever's going on sounds pretty damn awful. On the second try, West get's his three-pointed star moving but as he lives life in the limelight, we're pretty sure he doesn't want this to happen again.

Kanye West is in a cheerful mood as he steps out at sunset, leaving a meeting at his office and hopping into his Maybach in Calabasas, CA. West has a bit of difficulty turning on his $200K supercar.

IF You're In Front Of Cameras And The Papaprazzi Like Kanye West, You Probably Don't Want THIS Happening...

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