It's amazing how very little changes, like an all-new taillight, can make such a significant difference in cars like the BMW M3 and M4. Buyers fret over these micro changes and it definitely impacts a vehicle's value down the road.

As the BMW M3 and M4 have largely remained the same since launch, aside from the introduction of the Competition Package, people have been speculating what's in store for the refresh. The latest suggestion is the addition of OLED taillights.

For those of you not in the lighting loop that means Organic Light Emitting Diodes.

Here's the thing though. According to what we've heard, the LCI cars will not get the OLEDs. It comes down to cost as well as the supplier not being able to meet demand. So, we're going to chalk up these particular taillights to being updated LED units.

It was nice to dream, though.

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SPIED: The BMW M3 And M4 Are Slated For An Update — Are OLED Taillights In The Works?

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