Easily one of the most popular and still growing segments for today’s automobiles is the small sport-utility vehicle class. Buyers are running towards these options for a variety of reasons, some of which include: 1) Higher ride height, 2) greater utility and 3) more space. 


So, while the vehicles have been gaining significant customer adoption, there has been some rather interesting news thanks to our friends at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. It recently conducted some tests and the organization concluded that many all-new small SUVs are lacking in the lighting department. 


To be more specific, a lot of small SUVs lighting just are not meeting their benchmarks. 


Of the 21 vehicles tested, over two-thirds of them rated poor. This includes the 47 different headlight combinations available.


While you may be saying “So, what?” right now, this is big news. That’s because for 2017 vehicles will need a good or acceptable rating in order to get the coveted Top Safety PIck+ designation. 


The best performers are: 


- 2017 Ford Escape

- Honda CR-V

- Hyundai Tucson

- Mazda CX-3


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