OK, so, we know Audi is ushering in an all-new era of design. Led by Marc Lichte, this all-new design language is said to be revolutionary. According to sources it has been previewed by the Prologue concepts that appeared at auto shows over the past year or so.

Will that be enough to take the brand to all-new heights? We're not sure.

As of now there's a lot of speculation in the market. The all-new A8, which is supposed to debut Lichte's vision, is slated for a 2017 debut. From the spy shots it appears to be largely the same vehicle but there's still quite a bit hidden. 

Now the creatives are coming out of the woodwork. This has produced an all-new rendering care of our friends from Autocar in the U.K. Looking edgier than just about, well, everything in Audi's lineup today, it's definitely an all-new look.

That said, we're a wee bit curious: IF this rendering is a forecast of the future, would YOU prefer it to the likes of what's coming from BMW and Mercedes-Benz?

Audi will move into an era of more dramatic design next year, kick-starting it with the launch of an all-new Audi A8 and swiftly following it up with launches of new A7A6 and Q8 models.
The look will be showcased by the new A8 - which will err towards sophistication when it is revealed in autumn 2017 - and the new A7, which will be more overtly sporty and will be revealed in late 2017.

However, it is the new A6 - due to launch early in 2018 - which will take the new design language, led by Marc Lichte who joined the firm from VW in February 2014, into the mainstream. Audi bosses hope the dramatically sportier look will be a key differentiator in its battle for sales with the more conservative BMW 5 Series and more ‘Russian Doll’ styling of the current Mercedes range...


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RENDERED SPECULATION: IF Audi's Next-Gen A6 Looks Like THIS, Would You Prefer It OVER What BMW And Mercedes Are Bringing To Market?

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