It's the same story we've been hearing for a while now. "Just wait, it'll all change soon." Yet, there wasn't much of a change.

Our friends at Audi have been feeding us this message for quite some time; however, the enthusiast crowd has had enough. It wants to see real change. According to what I've been told, the all-new A8 will be the first Audi to be a real departure from what we currently know.

The A8 will be the watershed moment.

But, from the prototype test mules we've spotted, it doesn't seem so. Perhaps there's a lot more hiding underneath the swirly camouflage but we're not entirely convinced.

That said, the all-new Q6 sport-utility vehicle may actually be the groundbreaking product the four rings ships. According to Audi it will feature an all-new electric powertrain and if the company's SUV concepts are any indicator, its design will undoubtedly be unique.

The latest we've seen of the vehicle is an interpretation of what it may look like down the road. Boasting a prominent and all-new front grille design and clean lines, we're a bit curious: IF the all-new Q6 looks like THIS would this be different enough from Audi's usual moves to make you BUY?

Let us know, Spies!

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RENDERED SPECULATION: If Lichte's Audi Q6 Looks Like THIS Would THIS Differentiate Audi Enough To Make YOU Buy?

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