One thing that's never nice to see is a car accident. Whether it's a Kia or a Ferrari, it's always a bit painful. Sure we feel bad for the car but we're really thinking about the owners and their respective safety.

Remember, folks: Cars can be replaced. People, on the other hand, cannot. 

So, when we saw a rather awful crash involving a one-off Pagani Huayra Pearl, we figured we'd show it to you.

It's not every day that you see a multimillion dollar vehicle get obliterated. While we're sure the occupants were made uncomfortable, given the nature of this crash we suspect there were not any life threatening injuries. 

The blue carbon fiber body of the Huayra is seen hobbled mainly due to the fact the vehicle's driver-side rear tire is completely missing. The ass-end of the Huayra is seen resting on the pavement on its titanium exhaust of all things and wiring seems to be just hanging about. Not too far away is the snapped off wheel and hub. 

Though it's a shame to look at, we must admit it still is a beautiful piece of engineering. 

All that considered, do you think this Huayra is a write off? Check out the crash in the images below.

OUCH! This Is What It Looks Like To Crash A Multimillion Dollar Pagani Huayra...

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