Here’s a custom LEGO creation that’ll draw your attention. Built out by Sariel, a LEGO fanatic and graphic designer who builds LEGO Technic sets, it’s a Land Rover Defender 90 that features four-wheel drive, steering, a 4-speed transmission, working turn signals, and a front-mounted winch. The RC vehicle runs on an electric motor and has no issues whatsoever climbing hills and crossing outdoor terrain.

Called the Camel Trophy, the chassis on this LEGO build is made up of two live axles that are connected to the front and back of the RC transmission. The scale model also features shock absorbers and a spare wheel on the hood to assist in weight distribution. It runs on two PF XL motors powered by one 8878 battery. However, there is no interior except for a steering wheel for the fear of adding too much weight to the model. It crawls along on the hillside but certainly looks cool while cruising; a legit lifelike model that’s sure to impress any collector.

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The Details Makes This The Ultimate Land Rover Defender Lego Technic Model

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