For what seems like an eternity, our friends at Audi have been promising us an all-new design language. We’re awaiting Marc Lichte to show us the goods; however, the first spy shots of the next-gen A8 sedan are leaving us a little lukewarm.

That’s because the changes are not nearly drastic as the company has led us to believe they would be.

While the A8 has been caught doing laps on the Nürburgring, we’ve been awaiting the arrival of other vehicles with the next-gen design language. We’re thinking the second car will be the A7 that we’re seeing today for the very first time.

Although it is camouflaged head-to-toe, it’s clear that this Audi A7 is boasting an all-new look. Check out its one-piece hood a la the all-new A4 and its more streamlined front end. The front grille has become wider and its headlights are a bit swept back. Around the sides and back it seems as though its roofline is essentially carried over. If you look a bit closer at its hind quarters it’s clear that there will be a pop-up rear spoiler and an all-new rear taillight design though how it will look, exactly, is unclear. From what I can make out it appears that its rear quarter panel will be a stronger design than the previous-gen car that looked a bit droopy.

Having said that, we’re a wee bit curious, Spies. What do you make of these initial snaps in The States? Peep those California plates, boys and girls.

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SPIED: In The Batter’s Box, The Second-Gen Audi A7 — All-New Design May Surprise Some

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