Yesterday night was a big one for Cadillac. General Motors' luxury division unveiled an all-new concept for the marque. But it wasn't just any other concept.

That's because the all-new Escala is ushering in an all-new, much needed design language. We've been saying Art & Science is dead for quite some time now.

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But, you see, there's a significant problem. In fact, there's two.

First, the Escala though nice, is a ripped off design. Just look at its roofline. It screams "I heart A7!" And then there's the rather Jaguar-like front grille and Audi-inspired headlights. It's all very derivative.

That's not going to help Cadillac's brand equity. It needs to be Cadillac, not consistently chasing the Europeans.

Second, Cadillac had its amazing design. It was called the Elmiraj and showed up at Pebble Beach three years ago. And, when you saw it, you knew EXACTLY what it was. It was a brilliant, brilliant design that won everyone's attention. And people wanted it! So, GM didn't build it.

So, after speaking with Agent 001 we just knew we had to ask: WHICH Cadillac design moves YOU more? The Elmiraj or the Escala?

Monterey Car Week

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