If there's one thing we know about all-new Ferraris, it's that it's very tough to get your hands on one. That's because unlike other niche manufacturers, Ferrari keeps a tight lock on who's loyal and who's not.

It's kind of like the Santa Claus tale, except with supercars that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you've earned your way into getting a top spot and have the chance to acquire an all-new F car, we're pretty sure you'll be pretty pumped to get your own car spec'd exactly how you want it. After all, it's built exclusively for you.

Of course if you crash it and it's a prized gem you're going to be pretty bummed. But imagine crashing it into another 488 GTB. Not only have you ruined your pride and joy, you've just cost someone theirs as well. And, boy, it's going to cost you.

This is what recently happened in China.

According to reports, one of the Ferrari drivers slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting a dog and voila, you have a 488 nightmare. Though there's speculation as to whether the drivers were racing, there's nothing that can confirm that as of now. Doesn't sound too far out of the realm of possibility from where we're sitting.

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