If there's one thing that truly speaks to a car enthusiast, it's a sleeper car. Known for looking lame or — in some cases — beaten up, these cars are known for their amazing skill and ability to shock everyone that comes across it. 

In this interesting clip, we see Jay Leno and Tim Allen get together two sleepers, one of them being an all-new Camry, and see what they're capable of. 

With 800 horsepower, I am pretty confident this is the most capable Camry on the road. That said, is this the HOTTEST Camry you've ever seen? 

What do you make of sleepers, Spies? Do YOU have an ideal sleeper you'd like to own someday? Would it be an ICON Derelict? An E63 AMG wagon? Something else? Let us know in the comments below!

Jay faces off against his old friend and rival, Tim Allen, in a Sleeper Camry with 800 horsepower, to see who is the better drag racer. Premiere episodes of Jay Leno’s Garage return to CNBC this November!

CAR WARS! Sleeper Drag Race Edition — Is THIS The HOTTEST Toyota Camry You've Seen?

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