Oh, boy. Not again.

This is what I am thinking when I hear about the all-new Lincoln Continental kicking off a recall. According to Ford Motor Company only 300 units have been delivered to customers but from my perspective this is not a good start.

While the recall is a silly one, it still is a recall. According to reports, the LED headlights were retrofitted with the incorrect lens optics that comply with federal safety standards for turn signals.

This isn't the first time that Ford has delivered an all-new vehicle and it was given a black eye with a recall right off the bat. This too happened with the Ford Escape when it was given an all-new generation. While the Escape eventually got its footing, it did have a slow start due to this hiccup.

Has lightening struck twice?

Will this harm the lovefest associated with the all-new Continental? Or, is this something that's just to be swept under the rug as consumer interest is running high?

...According to the American automaker, the HID headlights on the Lincoln Continental may have been assembled using LED lenses that don’t have the correct lens optics to comply with federal visibility requirements for turn signals. Lincoln is unaware of any accidents related to the issue and the recall affects 1,876 units assembled from June 14 to September 23 at Ford’s Flat Rock factory...

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Really?! The All-New Lincoln Continental ALREADY Has A Recall — Same Start As The Ford Escape?

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