If you have been waiting, like us, for the BMW i8 Spyder, there's some all-new and good news. It's officially been given the green light.


There's just one problem. We're going to be waiting. A while. Like, 2018 production long.

This news was confirmed by BMW CEO, Harald Krueger, last week. As you may suspect, details remain quite slim but the i8 Spyder is expected to join the fleet when the hybrid product gets its much anticipated lifecycle impulse (LCI) update. We're thinking some minor styling updates, a bigger battery and a more powerful gasoline motor are all in this deck of cards.

Stay tuned to for the latest!

...BMW CEO Harald Krueger said at a press conference in Santa Monica, California on Tuesday that the i8 roadster would be added to the automaker's lineup in 2018.

Kruger gave no other details. The i8 roadster and a revised coupe are expected to get a longer-range battery and a more powerful electric motor...

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OFFICIAL: It's Coming! Just Be Prepared To Wait...The All-New BMW i8 SPYDER

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