Tesla seems to be on a roll in recent weeks. With high production numbers and a profitable quarter, it seems to be a luxury automaker that's moving in the right direction.

Sure, there's some interesting accounting going on in the background but a profit is a profit.

Tonight was different, however. That's because Tesla unveiled two new products. I guess one may be considered a concept though as details were pretty much non existent.

First there was the solar roof. As Tesla loops in Elon Musk's SolarCity, this is the first sign that the two are getting quite a bit cozier and more complementary in nature.

Second, there is the Powerwall 2. Now it is bigger in terms of power capacity and size. In addition, it will set you back $5,500 per unit. This is a $2,000 increase from the original Powerwall; however, it had less power capacity.

Musk is saying on the record that if you equip your home with a Solar Roof and the Powerwall that you may not even need to pull power off the grid. Bold statement but we wouldn't expect anything less from Musk. That said, do these two offerings get you jazzed up or make you more skeptical than ever?

...No pricing was given for Solar Roof, beyond promises that it will cost no more than a new traditional roof "plus electricity." The missing factor in that equation, of course, is time: how many decades will it take to make up for the price differential between a standard roof? Still, given you won't need a traditional roof beneath, this should offer substantial cost savings over traditional photovoltaic systems -- assuming you need a new roof...

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Tesla Unveils Two NEW Products, A Roof And A Powerwall — Do Either Have You EXCITED For The Future?

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