It seems like the big question in recent weeks has been whether or not the BMW 1M is a better car than the all-new M2. This is a great question for a couple reasons:

Firstly, the 1M can be bought today — if you can find a clean example — for the price of a new M2.

Second, depending on your market the 1M is a limited edition vehicle. Severely limited, that is. The M2 is going to be more of a series production vehicle.

Lastly, the all-new M2 is one of the latest and greatest M rated products on the market. That means it benefits from the latest tech derived from the M3 and M4.

BUT, which one is best? While you've heard my thoughts and from an owner, hear what Top Gear's Chris Harris has to say about the matter. Please click "Read Article" below to see the showdown.

Is the BMW M2 a bonafide M car? Chris Harris finds out, with the help of its bombastic predecessor, the 1-series M Coupe.

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CAR WARS! So, WHICH Small BMW M Car Is The BEST? Chris Harris Weighs In On The 1M vs. M2 Debate...

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