In all of 2016, one of my favorite test vehicles that I've piloted is the BMW M3 Competition Package. Although it's merely an optional package from the factory, it just does all the right things.

Is it worth it? Hell yes. Everything just is a bit...better.

But how good is it? Well, I am sure there's a bunch of publications out there that will do a "by the numbers" comparison side-by-side and you can argue about tenths of a second over yonder.

To me, this video helps illustrate how good an M3 or M4 with the Competition Package can be. That's because this driver pushes the car to its limit as the driver is chasing a McLaren 675LT around the world famous Nürburgring.

Although there's a chance the McLaren driver was either 1) inexperienced on the track; 2) concerned about his $400,000 investment; 3) warming the car up; or, 4) just tooling around, what can be said is that the M4 here is mighty impressive.

Check out the clip below to see what I mean...

Embarquez à bord de la nouvelle M4 Pack Competition DKG (450 ch) pour un tour de la boucle nord du Nürburgring. Pneus : Michelin Pilot Super Sport. Freins : carbone-céramique (option). Plus d'infos sur

VIDEO: THIS Is What It Looks Like When A BMW M4 Competition Package CHASES Down A McLaren 675LT On The Nurburgring

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