Jerry Seinfeld's once little side project has turned into what is, arguably, one of the greatest web television shows created. In this all-new form factor, Seinfeld is at his finest.

Simply known as Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, this web series brings together two subjects: Cars and comedy. The reality is, however, the cars are a far second place to the comedy. Seinfeld's program aims to shed a light behind the stars he features as well as their profession at large.

Personally, I love the "real" moments that pop up in little segments here and there. It really is a lovely thing when the schtick falls to the wayside and performers show who the actually are.

That said, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee kicks off January 5 with episodes every Thursday. It will feature the following guests:

- Bob Einstein
- Cedric the Entertainer
- Kristen Wiig
- Norm MacDonald
- Lewis Black
- And MANY more...

Check out the teaser clip, below!

Jerry Seinfeld is joined by friends for a drive in a classic car and a cup of coffee, sharing stories all along the way.

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