Much to the disgust of some of my fellow enthusiasts, I am an interior guy.

Sure, I love speed. Sure, I love ridiculous handling. And, I definitely love an aural experience. But, for me, a truly great vehicle also has a rewarding interior space.

After all, that's where we spend our time. We're not riding outside of these things.

Our friends across the pond at Autocar have decided to compile a list of autos that have special cockpits. Essentially, they cultivated this by breaking down the elements of the interior. For example, instrument panels, gear shifts, pedals, etc.

Aside from obvious leaders, like the McLaren F1, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Spyker C8 and others, can YOU think of any particular vehicles that have unbelievable interiors? Let us know in the comments below!

As enthusiasts, we spend our lives admiring the styling of cars.

We gaze at their shapely spoilers, drool over their curvaceous wings and stare at their plunging rooflines. But when we actually use cars for the purpose for which they were built, that’s not what we see at all. For every minute we spend looking at our car’s exterior, we spend hours, maybe even days, looking at its interior...

...This, then, is our tribute to some of the greatest interiors, and interior features, from a wide range of cars from today and yesterday – as well as just a few that, in often somewhat bizarre ways, failed quite spectacularly to come up to the mark. The list is nothing like exhaustive and you may have many ideas of your own. If so, we’d love to hear about them. In the meantime, however, welcome to the wonderful world of automotive interiors...

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Can YOU Name ANY Others? The BEST Automotive Interiors Of ALL TIME!

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