In the world of supercars — or more annoyingly known as now, hypercars — it's tough to trump the niche automaker, Pagani. That's because Horacio Pagani is a designer that puts detail in every single component of his vehicle.

Even the smallest bolts are branded and pretty. There's a reason why the Zonda and Huayra cost a boat load.

Oh, and they're absurdly fast and capable vehicles equipped with monster V12 engines. What's there NOT to like?

Having said that, the Huayra has been around for a couple few years and there hasn't been any real news there. That's about to change as the 2017 Geneva Motor Show is gearing up. In a note, the company distributed seasons greetings with a teaser of the all-new Huayra Roadster.

And, in addition, all-new images surfaced displaying the all-new Roadster with some revealing views. You can see from its side profile and top view that this is one slinky vehicle.

So, have a look below and let us know your initial impressions.

#GVAMOTORSHOW: TEASED! All-New Pagani Huayra ROADSTER Is On The Way...

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