One of the most thrilling supercars on the road today is the Lamborghini Huracan. While it has a barky V10 that sounds a bit too familiar to the Audi R8's, we'll let it slide.

That's because after driving a couple all-new Huracans myself I have to say there is quite a difference between a Lamborghini and Germany's pride and joy. It's more visceral and a Huracan puts you on the edge of your seat. Make mine a 580-2, just saying.

Anyway, coming down the 'pike is something a bit more exciting. Following in the footsteps of the high-performance Gallardos of the past (e.g., the Superleggera), the Performante will pick up where those vehicles left off.

That means most likely a boost in power, more rigidity, less weight and more aerodynamic tricks to make the car more slippery through the air. While we've seen plenty of spy shots at this stage, we've got something a bit better.

The folks at Sport Auto had the chance to go for a ride along in the prototype. From what I can see, the interior features a large, TFT display a la the standard Huracan but these are race-spec gauges. In addition there's an assload of Alcantara sweeping across the interior. Oh, and quite a bit of Lamborghini's proprietary carbon fiber known as forged composite.

What's there NOT to like? Have a look below!

Onboard sport auto-Testredakteur Christian Gebhardt im Lamborghini Huracan Performante auf der Rennstrecke in Imola. Mehr in sport auto 3/2017.

VIDEO: FIRST Drive Of The All-New Lamborghini Huracan Performante — Footage Gives Us A REAL Taste Of What's Coming

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