These days it's tough to pick the ideal sports car. That's because there's SO many options and they're all great. It really comes down to what makes you smile on the inside. And, of course, on the outside.

If you decide to take a walk down Porsche lane and go for a 911, there's a slew of variants. Coupe? Convertible? Targa? GT3? GT3RS? Turbo? Turbo S? The list goes on.

What it really comes down to is how hardcore you're willing to go. If you're like me and want the car stripped out and built with one purpose in mind, you gotta go for a GT3 RS. If you want more creature comforts and the ability to daily drive the thing, then it's pretty easy to go with a standard 911, or even a Turbo model.

But what if BOTH cars do the same exact lap time? Then what?

That's exactly what happened when Evo Magazine tested both the Turbo S and GT3RS. So, WHICH would YOU rather have and WHY?

In a surprising result, Porsche's everyday supercar clocks a lap in the same time as its lighter, more focused 'motorsport' brother. Both handle the track in very different ways. It's downforce versus brute force in the first head-to-head hot lap.

RAISE and PRAISE! WHICH And WHY? Would You Rather Have The Porsche 911 Turbo S OR The 911 GT3RS?

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