There's two things that happen quite often these days. 

Situation number one. Someone I know is looking to buy an all-new car but has absolutely no idea what is the right decision. They come to me seeking answers, with 80 percent of the inquisitors going with their gut decision anyhow. 

Situation number two. An owner of an all-new ride decides that while they love their purchase, it could use some pizazz. That's fine. I am all for personalization of your new pride and joy. The laundry list of modifications and changes are crafted. 

Simple enough, right? Well, no. 

That's because every once and a while someone asks me about a mod or tells me about an aftermarket change they're going to do and my head nearly explodes. Although I am first to admit that I tend to stick to a "OEM first" mindset, I don't mind tasteful changes. Obviously, that is a subjective term. While I try to steer my friends and co-workers in the right direction, ultimately, it is their choice. 

Having said that, I am a bit curious: IF one of your buddies came up to you seeking your advice, what's a mod or two you'd try to dissuade your friend from doing?

What Are Some Of The WORST Mods You'd Try To Dissuade A Friend From Doing?

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