I feel like a broken record but here we go, again. 

If there's one thing that General Motors does well, it's the production of high-performance automobiles. Although they may not be the vehicle of choice for everyone, it's tough to top what the auto builder has been capable of in recent years. 

Just think: The latest-gem Cadillac CTS-V, Chevrolet Corvette (C7), Cadillac ATS-V, the latest Chevrolet Camaro, etc. They're all great vehicles and, boy, has GM been focusing on their respective driving dynamics. 

While I just mentioned some of the company's latest achievements, one that will certainly go down in history is the Holden-based Chevrolet SS. Formerly the Pontiac G8, the SS is the latest iteration from GM. While I haven't piloted the SS, I have had the chance to drive a G8 GXP and it was something special. It definitely didn't feel American and many have equated it to being an E39 BMW M5 just all new. 

Here's the thing, Spies. If you've wanted one you may want to consider placing an order before the end of February. That's because that's when the order books close. You can risk it and wait to see if dealer inventory levels leave a surplus this summer, which will result in some lovely discounts, but we're just putting you on notice. 

Let us know if you're going to pull the trigger on what some are calling a "modern classic."

The end is nigh, fellow Americans: our final dose of Australian muscle is coming to a close. Previously, we warned potential buyers February would be the final month to place an official order for a 2017 Chevrolet SS performance sedan. Well, here we are.

February has flown by, and that means time is ticking to visit your local Chevrolet dealer and cement your order for precious cargo from Australia. Though, if your experience is anything like ours, the dealer will likely try and show you a Camaro SS, unaware of what an SS is...

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One Of The FINEST GM Product's Is About To STOP Production, Forever. Better Act FAST If YOU Want One...

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