After BMW proved with the X6 that niche products could be successful more and more manufacturers started to join their ranks. Mercedes, despite being late to the party, already released two different cars aimed at BMW’s X4 and X6. The GLC Coupe is the smaller of the two, and despite being quite new, it sells very well for this type of car. However, Mercedes didn’t actually release the entire lineup just yet. The model is only available with a few engines while its high-performance AMG versions are still missing.

This is because the two are going to be released quite soon. The first is going to be the 2018 Mercedes AMG GLC63 Coupe. Just like its name suggests, this will basically be identical regarding powertrain to the C63 AMG with a small difference, the running gear. Not only the GLC will be taller, but it might surprise us with its transmission layout.

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2018 MERCEDES AMG GLC63 COUPE - the latest spy photos! It has been caught at testing drive in Europe

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