McLaren is, arguably, one of the world's top supercar manufacturers. That's because the British-based organization is always pushing the boundaries.

Today is no different. 

That's because it has revealed what may be considered one of the industry's biggest innovations. As we all know, McLaren is hellbent on using science to better its track- and road-going vehicles. With the development of an all-new wrap, McLaren has reduced the drag coefficient to .00. 

This is due to the use of bird feathers. Yes, you heard that right. 

According to the press release I received, these aren't just ordinary feathers either. They're sourced from the elusive Kiwi bird of New Zealand. Although it's close to being extinct that hasn't stopped the innovation for the boys and girls in Woking.

McLaren Special Operations will start taking orders immediately and the MSO price will be $86,000. 

Availability will be never since it is April Fool's Day.

McLaren Shows Off Its Aerodynamic Prowess With An All-New Wrap On Its 570GT

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