Mercedes-Benz has been on a roll and the hits just keep on coming. At last year's New York Auto Show, the three-pointed star revealed a slew of the Mercedes-AMG 43 models. And while they're not the hardcore 63s, these 43s are something special in their own right. 

That said, in the meantime the company put out the E-Class Coupe. Driven for the first time in the UK by our friends at Autocar, they sampled the range and gave a detailed perspective on the E300 Coupe. While we'll be receiving only the E400 in The States, this serves as a good benchmark to better understand the chassis and interior details. 

And, here's the good news, Spies. Essentially, Autocar makes its crystal clear that the E300 Coupe just feels a bit too unrefined and the E400 is the one to get. So, let's raise a glass for that.

Aside from that, make sure to check out the review. I think you'll find the comments around the interior — guess what, it's best-in-breed — and the ride quality interesting.

Click "Read Article" below to see the full review of the E300 Coupe. It's a quick read. 

Should I buy one?

If you’re after a stylish yet practical coupé with effortless performance, then you should certainly consider an E-Class Coupé - although, perhaps not this one. In truth, the E 300 will likely find itself even further down most buyers' lists once the range adds a six-cylinder 350 d diesel and AMG variants later this year. 

You see, as things stand, the E 300 is a victim of its sibling’s success. The entry-level E 220 d offers significantly better fuel economy, greater flexibility and is fractionally cheaper to buy. Whereas, if you want hot-hatch troubling straight-line performance, and don’t care too much about fuel bills, then the six-cylinder E400 4Matic is the better choice.

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DRIVEN: FIRST Review Of The All-New Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe — So, Is It Yet ANOTHER Mercedes Success?

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