This past Thursday an unfortunate situation occurred in Atlanta. There was a major fire under an elevated highway and the flames were so intense that the roadway collapsed. 

Take that, 9/11 conspiracy theorists. 

The latest I've heard is that the road will take months to fix and that three transients have been arrested in connected with starting the fire. So, now what are the Atlanta-area commuters suppose to do about getting around the ATL? 

Pound sand, I guess. 

Well, one person has already come up with a fix. How bow dah?

See the artist's rendering, below.

A fire collapsed a portion of a heavily trafficked interstate in Atlanta Thursday. While the fire was contained Thursday night, damages to the interstate will remain a problem for commuters for months. About 220,000 people drive that section of the interstate every day, according to Georgia Department of Transportation.

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RENDERED SPECULATION: Engineer Develops Quick-Fix Solution For The Atlanta (I85) Bridge Collapse

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