Living in the New York Tri-State region, there's a slew of these potholes. They're everywhere. And, if you're driving a nice ride with some low profile tires, you can get into trouble awfully quick if you're not actively paying attention to the road.

Given how many distractions we have behind the wheel these days, it's easy to find yourself stranded on the side of the road with a busted tire or, even worse, a bent wheel. 

So, when I received an email from my insurance provider, esurance, I figured I'd pass it along to all of you. Aren't I a good guy?

While some of these are a give in, others may not be. That said, here are the seven tips: 

  1. Use the Waze app;
  2. Slow down;
  3. Leave space;
  4. Keep your eyes on the road;
  5. Beware of puddles;
  6. Check your tires; and,
  7. Check your alignment and suspension.
For more details, click "Read Article" below. You can even learn how a pothole is formed although something tells me that most people here are already aware of that process. 

Did you know that pothole damage accounts for nearly half a million insurance claims every year? In fact, potholes have become so abundant in America’s aging infrastructure that over 240,000 have been repaired in New York City this winter maintenance season alone.

But how do these pesky craters end up on the road? Well, potholes require 2 main ingredients: water and traffic...

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