So, I've documented my lust for the BMW 1M. I've also put in an order for an M2 since finding a reasonably priced 1M that hasn't been molested is a virtual impossibility. 

And then Doug DeMuro came along. I am pretty sure his only reason for existence is to ruin my day. In all seriousness this video didn't ruin my day but I think Doug brings up some very cogent points about the 1M. 

Although it's not equipped with one of M GmbH's "S" motors and the powerplant isn't naturally aspirated, it is an ode to what made BMW's vehicles great. It's simple. It's Spartan. And, damn it, the car features a do-it-yourself transmission. 

If these things don't make you tick, perhaps it isn't the car for you. But rather than draw a quick conclusion, I'll let Doug do the talking. Check out the clip below.

I think the BMW 1 Series M is the single greatest BMW ever made -- and I reviewed this one to show you exactly why.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: Making The Case For The BMW 1M — Best BMW, Ever?

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