It should come as no surprise that Agent 001, who is a Buffalo native, is a rather huge fan of hockey. While Detroit is known as hockey town, the reality is that the accolade should really go to a city north of the border. 

Just my two cents. 

That said, 001 noticed something particularly interesting while watching last night's game between the New York Rangers and the Ottawa Senators. More specifically, the Senators' goalie, Craig Anderson. 

Turns out that Anderson is a major fan of Chevrolet Corvettes. And, his helmet reflects that. Not only is there what I would guess is an airbrushed Corvette C7R on the helmet, he also shows some love to the Corvette Racing team's mascot, Jake.

Looking into his previous helmets, he also has other generations of the Corvette and the Jake mascot. This guy is committed! 

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STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS: Guess Which Car Ottawa Senators' Goalie HEARTS On His Helmet...

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