We'd like to consider this crowdsourcing. Essentially, as we get closer to the end of do-it-yourself gearboxes, vehicles with manual transmissions are expected to increase in value. 

We can already see this with select models as standards are commanding a higher premium. We're looking to better understand the very best transmissions for a couple reasons: 

1) This way we know what are some of the best driving vehicles on the planet; and,
2) Theoretically, we'll know the vehicles with highly acclaimed transmissions that will be in high demand. 

So, what say you, Spies?

Of all the vehicles you've driven, WHICH one had the best manual transmission? Think of the way the clutch pedal communicated its engagement point and how notchy the shifter was in the moment. 

For me, there's two vehicles that stand out. First, there's the Porsche 911 (997) Carrera 2 S. With its springy clutch pedal and buttery smooth shifter, it was really the most responsive and communicative clutch pedal I've driven to date. Second, there is the BMW 1M, which had a shifter that required minimal effort thanks to its light throws. The clutch pedal is actually on the lighter side but due to the combination, it makes drivers feel like a rock star.

The GREAT Debate: WHICH Car That You've Driven Has The BEST Manual Transmission?

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