One of the things that makes Bimmerfest great is how inventive its attendees can be. Simply put, the only other event I've seen such wacky, kooky and downright clever modifications is at other grassroots happenings.

And because of the scale of Bimmerfest, you just get together a solid critical mass.

Bimmerfest 2017

Because of this and because AutoSpies' Agents LOVE details, we've made a point to focus in on these nifty little modifications or changes. Why, you ask?

Our users want to see these things. This is why people come to AutoSpies. They dig our thoroughness.

All that said, let's get down to brass tacks and show you what's up.

Bimmerfest 2017

BIMMERFEST: Get Up Close And Personal With The DETAILED Mods From SoCal's Finest — Details, Part II

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