As noted in my other Bimmerfest threads, one thing I always get a kick out of the funny things you see at these events. The cars are one thing, the mods are another and then there's the license plates.

There's a super creative group of folks out there and it tends to come out with the custom or vanity plates put on rides.

Bimmerfest 2017

Although some folks seem to find vanity plates douchey, I do have an appreciation for them. They just have to be done "right." In other words, I — and everyone else — has to be able to understand the point you're trying to convey.

Because I am a plate geek, I figured I'd cultivate the BEST custom plates from our Bimmerfest gallery and let YOU pick which one tickles your fancy.

So, have at it. WHICH plates are you diggin'?

Bimmerfest 2017

BIMMERFEST: Sometimes The Plates Do The Talking — WHICH Vanity Plate Is YOUR Favorite?

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