This is the very definition of "not good."

The driver of a Dodge Durango must have either got caught beyond the gate of a railroad level crossing or tried to beat it. Unfortunately for him and his passenger, there were consequences for that mistake.

We can't be sure if the train was stopped on the tracks or what exactly transpired. We do know that the SUV wound up under the train and was wedged under there. Although police arrived on the scene and began tending to the victims, the train started moving. This led to the SUV getting dragged approximately 100 yards down the track.

According to reports the driver was seriously injured and his female passenger had minor injuries.

"Hopefully more people will see this and understand it is not some silly game. This is serious stuff. People get killed out here," said Henry Seale, the father of the female passenger.

Seale said his 22-year-old daughter had been drinking with a friend and that she suffered a broken arm, cuts and bruises in the wreck. He added that he is grateful for the efforts of the officers who risked their own safety to stop the train.

The driver, a man who has not been publicly identified by police, was last listed in serious condition. The other person in the car suffered minor injuries. Investigators are looking at whether the driver was intoxicated.

A vehicle that crashed into a stopped train overnight in La Marque was also dragged 100 yards when the locomotive moved.

Police say two people were inside a Dodge Durango when the crash happened at around 2:30 a.m. Friday in the 300 block of Main Street near Highway 3.

According to police, the train engineer did not realize the SUV was wedged under before moving. An officer driving next to the tracks saw the wreckage and flagged the train to stop.

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