I believe it was George Bernard Shaw who said "Some people look at the world and say 'why?' Some people look at the world and say 'why not?'" And there's me who looks at the world and says WTF?

Sometimes you hear things so stupid you just have to look up if it's true. It almost seems like a skit from Saturday Night Live. 

That's because this a.m. as I was getting ready for my day at the office I heard over the radio that an Ohio motorist had actually ordered personalized plates with the viral President Donald Trump typo "covfefe." 

Yes, "covfefe."

According to reports, the applicant thinks it's hilarious and is looking forward to mounting her new plates. At the time of this writing she noted that she hasn't had any issues from the public but we're thinking that may change now that she's made national headlines and President Trump is always in the news. 

...The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles approved one woman's wish to have her car be identified with President Trump's tweeted out typo "covfefe."

Brittany Scott, 29, had seen the infamous bit of late-night gibberish when the Donald was once again lamenting his coverage in the media, stating, "Despite the constant negative press covfefe," on May 31 when she got the idea to order custom license plates for her Subaru Outback...

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An Ohio Woman May Have Just TRUMPED The Personalized Plate Community...You'll See

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