The new kid on the block for 2017 is the Honda Civic Type R. Last year it was the Ford Focus RS. Prior to that, it was the Volkswagen Golf R. 

To be honest, I am seeing a ton of the Civic Type Rs crop up around my neck of the woods. So, it's gotta be doing something right — or it's just pent-up demand. 

But, who's king of the castle? 

Unfortunately, our friends at Autocar did not bring the Focus RS along for the ride but we'll make do. It gives an excuse to do another head-to-head test. 

Watch below as the Civic Type R does hand-to-hand combat with the Golf R. Then, let us know your thoughts on the verdict: Would YOU rather have a Civic Type R or the Golf R?

The new Honda Civic Type R is one of the world's best, and most exciting, hot hatchbacks. But, then, so is the Volkswagen Golf R.

CAR WARS! Which R Suits YOU? The Honda Civic Type R OR The VW Golf R?

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