If you're an enthusiast looking for the perfect opportunity to take advantage of wide open roads, you have to be a weekend warrior. Unless, of course, you live somewhere that's not overpopulated. Like North Carolina. 

For Kurt, who lives in Los Angeles, that means waking up and going for a drive at six or seven in the morning.

Based in New Jersey, I can relate. There's only two times to drive and actually enjoy yourself. From one to six a.m., which is dangerous due to intoxicated drivers and the cover of night hiding things like deer. And, early a.m. before the minivans hit — and clog — the roads. 

In this Petrolicious feature, learn what makes Kurt tick. After dumping a vintage Italian car, he decided to switch to something decidedly reliable and fun. This led him to the inevitable, a 911. But learn why his 1969 911 T isn't just your ordinary Porsche.

The 911 T was the most stripped-down model in the range, and arguably the most pleasurable experience because of it. No excessive luxuries or functionality to take away from a pure driving experience.

Read more about this maximally minimalist Porsche and go behinds the scenes during the making of this film at

VIDEO: What's An Early Morning, Sunday Drive Like In LA In A 1969 Porsche 911 T

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