When it comes to high volume automakers, we just don't see it with General Motors. Sure, the pick-up truck line moves as does one or two sport-utility vehicles. 

But what's the nameplate that will propel this auto builder forward? As of right now, it's not clear what that will be.

That's because it seems as though General Motors doesn't have its finger on the pulse of today's consumer. Where is its Honda Accord fighter or Toyota RAV4 competitor?

Although the conglomerate is well aware of the electric vehicle revolution, especially considering it spent $1 billion in the development of the first-gen Volt, it has no where near the interest of say the Tesla Model 3. Even the Bolt, which is priced more aggressively, doesn't seem to be top of mind for EV buyers. 

So when I hear GM is preparing to bombard the EV market with up to 20 vehicles I cannot help but say "Oh, boy." While I understand EVs are where the industry moving, could this be a deathly situation that GM puts itself in if consumer interest is not there?

What say you, Spies?

DETROIT—General Motors is the latest car company to unveil plans for an emissions-free future. On Monday morning, the US' largest automaker announced that the next 18 months will see two new electric vehicles join the Bolt EV in showrooms, and 18 more are due by 2023. "GM believes in an all-electric future and a world free of automotive emissions," said Mark Reuss, GM's executive VP for product development, purchasing, and supply chain. "When the Bolt EV was announced at CES it was described as a platform, and this is the next step."

The announcement took place at GM's Design Dome, site of many a new product reveal. As you'll see from the photo above, there were a number of cars hidden by dust sheets. We were given a sneak peek at three of these—a conventional-looking midsize crossover and two more futuristic vehicles, including something that looked like a driverless pod—but sadly photography was not allowed, and no one took the wraps off what looked like either a Corvette or Camaro variant...

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Is THIS The End For General Motors? GM Planning On 20 All-new EVs

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