Now I know that I don't speak for everyone here on AutoSpies but I use my two vehicles for my daily commute. Although it's not long in terms of miles, it is long in terms of time.

That's because I daily drive in/out from northern New Jersey into Manhattan. 

One way it's give or take about 18 miles. In terms of time it can run anywhere from one to two hours. I am sure it would drive some insane but for me it's actually pleasant. 

While I rely on a five-speed and six-speed manual transmissions my cars both have a critical features that I consider the number one most important must have: Bluetooth for my telephones. If it were not for this I wouldn't be able to make calls or stream content from my mobile device. 

If I want to troll YouTube during my commute or listen to the latest podcast, I am essentially set for what some would consider a tortuous drive. 

Something tell me that some of you will have differing opinions though. Take, for example, Agent 001 who is based in San Diego. One thing he is ALWAYS talking about are his vehicles' radar-guided cruise control, which he leverages in SoCal's notorious stop and go traffic.

All that said, we're curious: What's the number one feature in your vehicle that you cannot live without?

By the way, if you're left wondering what the second most important feature is. That would be a USB port so I can charge my depleting mobile phones.

RAISE And PRAISE! What's The #1 Feature In Your Car That You CANNOT Live Without?

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