There's no question that Volkswagen has eaten a lot of punches in the past couple years. After dieselgate, it was questionable whether or not the company would ever recover. 

To me, it seems like it was just a stumble in its long history.

While VW single handedly killed the diesel market in the United States with its stupidity, the good news is that Americans do still lust for autos. A lot of them. And, make them big. 

Given the latest pricing of gasoline, consumers are swarming to large sport-utility vehicles as well as compact SUVs. The Atlas has been off to a good start in 2017, the question is whether or not the automaker can keep up its sales. 

One of the hot products vee dub showed off as of late has been the T-Roc, which is a small SUV. Boasting sharp looks, it gets two thumbs up from me for its styling. There's just one problem: Volkswagen of America (VWoA) will not be bringing it here. 

Probably because it would sell off the charts. 

VWoA is, arguably, one of the worst run North American subsidiaries of an automaker. It never brings the right product in at the right time. And, when it does import a product, it's usually a year or two behind the competition. The fact the T-Roc is not here echoes the same old song from VWoA.

All that said, what's the first review of the T-Roc conclude about the latest VW? See Autocar's verdict, below.

Should I buy one?

In a sea of rounded, fussy-looking, overstyled SUVs of worryingly similar mien, the straight-lined, confident T-Roc stands instantly, VW-recognisably apart. As a way of winning back the approval of the car-buying public, it's a pretty good effort.

The T-Roc looks good, it's a great drive and, pricing of top models apart, it should fit snugly into anyone's life. Even SUV haters might change their mind with this one.

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